Life Skills


  1. Put your cursor over the play button - it will turn red 
  2. Left-click or tap to play video
  3. To make the video large, click on the white box in the lower-right corner of the video expand video

Columbia Gorge Community College, “Nutrition 226,” Full Course

Columbia Gorge Community College, “Philosophy 101,” Full course

Columbia Gorge Community College, Campus and Community Pantry Explained

Pottery with Chris Bolton 

Make Record Bowls with Cynthia Caudill

Make a Birdhouse
from recycled wood

TheNextDoor, “When should you get a COVID test?”

TheNextDoor, “What if we had to go to the hospital with COVID?”

TheNextDoor, “What to do if you test positive for COVID”

TheNextDoor, Health Promotion Services

TheNextDoor,  Bridges to Health

TheNextDoor, Health Promotion Services

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