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Columbia Gorge Orchestra, 40th Anniversary Sinfonietta

Columbia Gorge Orchestra, Symphonic Spectacular, Full 

Columbia Gorge Orchestra, Jazz Collective

Gorge Community Music,
Walt Keale

Gorge Community Music,
Dean Bass

Gorge Community Music,
Claudia Schmitt

CGOA, Pandemic Project, “Hard Times Come Again No More”

CGOA, Pandemic Project, “Breathe”

CGOA, Pandemic Project, “Sicut Cervus”

CGOA, Pandemic Project, Featuring Tish Hinojosa,

CGOA, Pandemic Project, “A Simple Suite”

CGOA, Pandemic Project, Green Day

Columbia Gorge Orchestra,
Elgar Imperial March

Columbia Gorge Orchestra,
Concierto for Mountain Dulcimer

Columbia Gorge Orchestra,
Teleman Viola Concerto

CGOA, Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony

CGOA, Voci Choir, Original Composition

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